Write for Us + Lifestyle, Health & Fitness, Food, Travel, Fashion

Write for Us + Lifestyle, Health & Fitness, Food, Travel, Fashion Topics.

We are currently accepting guest posts related to lifestyle, health, fitness, travel, food, and fashion, with a focus on women’s interests.

Guest Post Guidelines (Write for Us)

Before submitting your post, please review our guest post guidelines:

1. Topics

Your article should relate to one of the categories mentioned above. Here are some preferred topic ideas:

– Fashion: outfit ideas, clothing, jewelry, shoes, hats, handbags, luggage, sunglasses, watches, accessories, etc.
– Beauty: skincare, body care, fragrance, shave & hair removal, oral care, etc. (please note that we don’t accept content related to CBD.)
– Fitness & Health: workout tips, yoga, etc.
– Lifestyle: dating, love, travel, gift ideas, etc.
– Food and Kitchen: recipes, etc.
– Travel: hiking, hotels, holiday destinations.

At this time, we do not accept content related to other topics. If your content is not related to any of the above-mentioned topics, please refrain from submitting it.

2. Length

An ideal article length would consist of over 800 words, with 1200 words being preferred.

3. Write for Real People

Ensure your article is well-researched and informative, providing value and knowledge to our readers. Keep in mind that your targeted audience is women aged between 18-70 years old. Make sure your articles are engaging and not written solely for search engines. Please note that we do not accept articles that lack substance.

4. Source

Please provide sources for any statistics, images, or quotes used in your content. If you include images in your article, please use your own images or free images found on the internet. If you use images belonging to someone else, please include proper resource links for them.

5. Format

Your article should be scannable and able to flow well. Keep your tone casual and conversational while providing information without lecturing. Use H2 and H3 title tags properly capitalized (e.g., How to Write a Blog Post). Keep your paragraphs short, consisting of only 2-3 sentences each. We love articles that answer commonly asked questions or provide numbered lists of tactics.

6. Plagiarism

Your article must be original and not published elsewhere. We will check for duplicate content using Google and Plagiarism Checker – Copyscape Premium version. While we appreciate the work of others, we will not publish content that is not yours.

7. Samples

Before submitting your article, please send us a list of your previous posts that have been published on other sites.

8. Links

You may include proper outbound links in your article as long as they are related to our site’s theme.

How to Submit Your Article

You can submit your articles to us via email in Google Docs Link or Microsoft Word Document format. If you wish to pitch your ideas before submitting the full article, feel free to do so.

If you’re interested in writing for us, please send us your materials here.