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Benro MeFoto RoadTrip Pro Tripod HONEST Review


Welcome to our comprehensive review of the Benro MeFoto RoadTrip Pro, the ultimate travel tripod for photographers and videographers. In this article, we will delve into the features, build quality, performance, and overall value of this versatile tripod.

Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiastic hobbyist, the Benro MeFoto RoadTrip Pro is designed to meet your needs and enhance your shooting experience. Let’s dive in and discover why this tripod stands out from the competition.

Benro MeFoto RoadTrip Pro Tripod Review

A Versatile 6-in-1 Solution

The Benro MeFoto RoadTrip Pro is more than just a travel tripod; it’s a compact and versatile 6-in-1 solution that offers incredible stability and a range of extra features.

With its five-section legs and two-section center column, this tripod can extend to an impressive height of 152.5cm, putting it in the full-height tripod category.

Even at its full height, the MeFoto RoadTrip Pro remains remarkably stable, thanks to its sturdy build and high-quality materials.

Multiple Shooting Options

One of the standout features of the MeFoto RoadTrip Pro is its flexibility in shooting at different levels. By adjusting the legs to the widest angle and extending the center column, you can achieve a low shooting level of 39.5cm.

If you want to go even lower, you can remove the base of the center column and shoot with your camera hanging upside-down. This is particularly useful for capturing unique perspectives and angles.

Additionally, the MeFoto RoadTrip Pro comes with a set of small legs that can be attached directly to the ball head, creating a tabletop or mini tripod. These small legs can also be attached to the base of the center column, providing alternative options for shooting at lower levels.

While using the small legs on the base of the center column may be less stable than using the tripod itself, it offers a creative solution for certain shooting scenarios.

Arca-Swiss Compatible Ball Head

The included ball head of the Benro MeFoto RoadTrip Pro is Arca-Swiss compatible, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of cameras and accessories. The quick release plate of the ball head features a smartphone clamp capable of securely holding phones from 60mm to 90mm in width.

This feature is especially useful for photographers and content creators who use their smartphones for capturing high-quality images and videos.

The ball head also has a pan lock at its base and a ball-lock higher up, allowing for precise adjustments and locking of the camera’s position. Additionally, the quick release plate is equipped with a panorama control, enabling smooth and seamless panoramic shots.

Monopod and Selfie Stick Functionality

In addition to its tripod functionality, the Benro MeFoto RoadTrip Pro can be transformed into a monopod of up to 158cm in height. By unscrewing one of the tripod’s legs and attaching it to the center column, you can easily convert the tripod into a monopod.

This feature is particularly useful for photographers and videographers who need to quickly switch between handheld and stabilized shooting.

Alternatively, the removed leg can be used as a selfie stick, allowing you to capture self-portraits or group shots with ease. This versatility makes the MeFoto RoadTrip Pro a valuable tool for various shooting situations.


Here are the key specifications of the Benro MeFoto RoadTrip Pro:

Specification Details
Material Carbon fiber and aluminum
Folded length 385mm
Maximum height 152.5cm
No. leg sections 5
Weight 1.64kg
Maximum load 8kg

Where are Benro Tripods Made?

Curious about where Benro tripods are made? Look no further than China. Founded in 1995 in Guangdong, China, Benro has established itself as a reputable producer of top-notch camera accessories.

With a blend of technology and skill, their tripods are a testament to craftsmanship that enhances your photographic journey.

Build Quality and Handling

The Benro MeFoto RoadTrip Pro is built to last, with a high-quality construction that ensures durability and stability. The carbon fiber and aluminum materials used in its construction provide a perfect balance between strength and weight.

Whether you choose the black, silver, or blue variant, the MeFoto RoadTrip Pro exudes a sleek and professional aesthetic.

The leg and column locks feature smart knurling, which provides a secure grip while adjusting the tripod’s height and angle. Although the locks are not sprung, they are easy to operate and hold the legs firmly in place.

The compact size of the folded tripod, measuring just 38.5cm, makes it easy to carry and store when not in use.

Adjusting the leg angles requires a simple pull and push mechanism, allowing you to position the tripod at various angles to accommodate different shooting scenarios.

The tripod comes with standard rubber feet, but if you prefer spiked feet, Benro provides a 3/8-1/4-inch adapter stud for mounting the quick release plate to the removable leg, effectively transforming it into a selfie stick.

Impressive Performance

When it comes to performance, the Benro MeFoto RoadTrip Pro exceeds expectations. Despite its lightweight design, this tripod offers exceptional stability, even when fully extended.

It can easily support a full-frame camera and a standard zoom lens without compromising stability or balance.

In windy conditions, it’s important to exercise caution, as with any tripod, but the MeFoto RoadTrip Pro performs admirably in most situations.

For added stability, Benro provides a hook that can be attached to the bottom of the center column, allowing you to hang a weight and further enhance the tripod’s stability.

User-Friendly Controls

The MeFoto RoadTrip Pro features user-friendly controls that make it easy to operate and adjust according to your needs.

The rubber cover on the ball lock provides sufficient grip to ensure a tight lock, while the primary pan lock and quick release plate knobs are easy to handle, despite their smooth finish.

One aspect that may require a bit of familiarization is the quick release plate’s panoramic lock. Despite spending some time experimenting with it, its exact purpose and functionality remain unclear.

However, this does not detract from the overall performance and usability of the tripod. Also, read about Couponify Review andย Review.

Final Verdict โ€” Benro MeFoto RoadTrip Pro Review

In conclusion, the Benro MeFoto RoadTrip Pro Carbon Fiber series travel tripod is a versatile and reliable travel companion for photographers and videographers.

With its 6-in-1 functionality, including tripod, monopod, and selfie stick modes, this tripod offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience. The sturdy build quality, impressive stability, and user-friendly controls make it a standout choice for both professional and amateur photographers.

While the MeFoto RoadTrip Pro may be slightly heavier than some of its competitors, the additional features and accessories included with the tripod more than make up for the slight increase in weight.

Whether you’re capturing stunning landscapes, shooting videos, or vlogging on the go, the MeFoto RoadTrip Pro is a reliable and versatile tool that will enhance your creative journey. In our opinion, Benro MeFoto RoadTrip Pro is the best tripod for vlogging for DSLR cameras.

So, if you’re in the market for a travel tripod that offers exceptional performance, versatility, and value for money, look no further than the Benro MeFoto RoadTrip Pro. It’s time to take your photography and videography to new heights with this outstanding tripod.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this review is based on our own experience and research. We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, but we cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the content. Always refer to the manufacturer’s website or user manual for specific details and instructions regarding the product.

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